Where Are They Now?


Rebecca is 24 years old.  She graduated from BCHS in 2011 and from CSUB in 2018 as a percussion major. She started in the Harmony Road program as a toddler at age 2, then did group piano at age 4, continuing through the entire curriculum. She then moved on to private piano, and added percussion and bells at her school. Her original improvisation, entitled "Spring" received high ratings at the 2009 Improvisation Evaluation.  She performs as a percussionist with the Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra and teaches toddler classes and group piano at Harmony Road Music School.

Zachary, age 27, enrolled in the Harmony Road program at the age of 4. He completed the curriculum and continued with private piano lessons. He graduated from East High in 2009 and from William Jessup University in 2013  with a degree in piano and voice. He went on to receive a Masters degree in business.   Zach enjoys composing music.  He performed his original improvisation "Northbound Trail" at MTAC's annual Convention in June 2009.  His creation 'Solitude' received high scores in MTAC's 2012 Improvisation Evaluation.  He performed his Senior Recital in piano and voice in May 2013. He recently moved back to Bakersfield to begin his career as budget analyst at Bakersfield College.

Ellie is 21 years old.  She started in the Harmony Road course as a toddler when she was 18 months old.  She completed the HR piano curriculum and discovered musical theater, performing with Bakersfield Music Theater in several summer workshops.  In 2010 she won the lead in the Bakersfield production of "Annie".  She has also performed in musical theater as a member of Bakersfield Music Theater's 'Showbiz Kids' and played the violin in her school orchestra.  Ellie graduated in 2016 from East High School and from Bakersfield College in 2018.  She attends William Jessup University in Rocklin, where she is finishing her music degree.


Anna Grace Gurnett began her musical journey at age 5.  Her accomplishments include ACSI Piano Festival (3 yrs), Guild (3 yrs), MTAC's Certificate of Merit (7 yrs), Improvisation Evaluation (4 yrs, performing at each Convention), Jazz Pop Festival (2010, 2012, 2013, and 2014), Romantic Festival (4 yrs), and Bach Festival.  She has also participated in three piano master classes (2010 w/Philip Keveren,  2012 w/Forrest Kinney, and 2014 w/Jazz pianist Bryan Pezzone).  She began teaching toddler and preschool music classes at Harmony Road as a teen and continues to teach while attending CSUB as a music major.