16M - 3 Years Old

Parents and tots share in a fun-filled session of music making.  Each 30 minute class features singing, moving to music, playing with rhythm instruments, piano keyboard activities, rocking/cuddling songs, finger games, and activities with balls, scarves or hoops.  A parent participates in each class. 

  • 6-week spring semester run April 16 - May 26
  • Tuition:  $100



Ages 16M - 2's
Class Day/Time:
Age 3
Class Day/Time:

*Please note that our mixed age classes are for children age 16m - 3 yr olds

4 - young 5 Years old

The ‘Music in Me’ course is a piano readiness program for young children, with emphasis on ear training, movement, piano keyboard activities, pitch/rhythm-awareness, and solfege.  A parent participates in each 30-minute class.   Students receive a book, workbook and CD. 

  • 6-week spring semester runs April 16 - May 26
  • Tuition:  $140 (includes materials) 

Age 4 - young 5
Class Day/Time:

To enroll by mail, please print and mail our Enrollment Form.